Chapter Activities

Sunday Morning Rounds

Sunday Rounds with Liz

The hospital is filled with a diverse array of patients. Some rooms are filled with family and friends, cards and pictures, balloons and flowers. Other rooms, unfortunately, remain empty, the walls blank and the windowsill flowerless. The goal of Sunday Rounds is to tend to the patients of the empty rooms, patients who have not received many visitors during their stay. We are going to go on walking rounds twice a month with medical students to various hospital rooms to listen to, talk to, and support these patients. Our hope is that a short visit from us will bring some joy to their days in the hospital. The goal of GHHS is to foster compassionate, patient-centered care; we believe that visiting patients for the sole purpose of hearing how they are doing is a large step towards this goal. This projects also gives students the opportunity to experience patient interaction early in their medical careers while providing patients with a much needed respite from constant discussion of only their medical woes. Students from all four  years of medical school are welcome and encouraged to participate in this project whenever they are able. If interested or for more information, please contact:

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Arts & Medicine

Emotionally supporting a patient during their most difficult of times is forever an aspect of being a physician. This is an enormous honor, but can also take a toll on health care providers. On the other hand, experiencing powerful and uplifting moments in the hospital or clinic is also an aspect of being a physician. And, this is also an honor to share with our patients. We are developing art sessions to be held in the Michael Sorrell Center that provide outlets for students to express these difficult or uplifting feelings through drawing, poetry, sculpture, and other media. Students can use this as an opportunity to reflect on experiences with patients. It is our hope that through art we can learn to better take care of our patients and ourselves. If interested or for more information, contact:

Burnout Dinners

We are organizing dinners to bring together medical students, residents, and faculty members in an effort to combat the compassion-fatigue that can develop in the process of our lengthy and rigorous education, training, and careers. It is our hope that these dinners will be a forum through which we can discuss our experiences, give and receive advice, and support our fellow students and colleagues in every level of professional training. By supporting and growing with each other we also mold each other into positive, compassionate students, physicians, and advocates for our patients. Groups will be limited in size in order to preserve a sense of camaraderie and familiarity amongst attendees, and will be held on a monthly basis. Contact if interested in more information.