Continuing Medical Education

Continuing Medical Education

The Committee’s charge includes:

  1. Developing and recommending policies relating to the Continuing Medical Education programs of the College.
  2. Assisting in the identification of Continuing Medical Education needs of the constituency of the College.
  3. Evaluating the purposes, objectives and content of all Continuing Medical Education programs sponsored by the College and its departments and, where appropriate, accrediting the programs as approved. Issuing
    Continuing Medical Education credit to participants of approved programs.
  4. Assisting in the evaluation of Faculty who participate in the presentation of Continuing Medical Education programs.
  5. Developing and recommending an overall plan for Continuing Medical Education on an annual basis.
  6. Developing and recommending policies relating to the University of Nebraska College of Medicine Continuing Medical Education programs involving off-campus activities.

Meeting Minutes


Kelly J. Caverzagie, M.D., Chair
Jennifer Adams, M.D. 2025
Susan K. Evans, M.D. 2025*
Katherine C. Finney, M.D. 2023*
Andrew P. Gard, M.D. 2024*
Laura A. Graeff-Armas, M.D. 2024
Kimberly S. Latacha, Ph.D. 2024*
Jessica Maxwell, M.D. 2025
Lyudmila M. Muinov, M.D. 2024*
Geetanjali Rathore, M.D. 2024
Nancy Rogic, M.D. 2025
Micah W. Beachy, D.O. (ex-officio)
Shaun C. Horak (ex-officio)
Heidi J. Keeler, Ph.D., RN (ex-officio)
Donald G. Klepser, Ph.D. (ex-officio)
Frank L. Pietrantoni (ex-officio)
TBA (medical student)
TBA (house officer)