Faculty Council

Faculty Council

The Committee’s charge includes:

  1. Consider any matters pertaining to governance or administration brought before
    it by the Faculty, the Dean, a Standing or Special Committee, or by one of the
    members of the Faculty Council.
  2. Establish administrative policies and procedures and coordinate their
  3. Recommend to the Dean administrative and management long-range plans and
    objectives for the College of Medicine, especially as regards organization,
    programs and facilities.
  4. Coordinate and implement all policies adopted by the General Faculty.
  5. Supervise and coordinate the activities of the Standing and Special Committees.
  6. Receive, consider, and transmit to the General Faculty reports of the Standing
    and Special Committees.
  7. Develop agenda for Faculty meetings in conference with the Dean.
  8. Establish special committees as needed.
  9. Annually review updates and carry out Mission, Vision and Values

Meeting Minutes

Standing Committees. There shall be nine (9) standing Committees:

Faculty Grievance
Faculty Promotion and Tenure
Finance Committee
Medical Student Admissions
Medical Student Curriculum
Medical Student Evaluation Committee
Graduate Medical Education
Continuing Medical Education
Research and Development

Committees Roster

Faculty Council Members

Bradley Britigan, MD

Clinical Department Chairs Basic Science Chairs Elected Members
Aviva Abosch, MD Vimla Band, PhD Sheila Ellis, MD
Sam Bierner, MD Surinder Batra, PhD Karen Gould, PhD
Charles Enke, MD Howard Gendelman, MD Trek Langenhan, MD
Kevin Garvin, MD Rebekah Gundry, PhD Kimberly Latacha, PhD
Jeff Harrison, MD Joseph Khoury, MD Lynn Mack, MD
Dwight Jones, MD   Travis McCumber, Ph.D.
Joseph Khoury, MD    
Ron Krueger, MD    
Steve Lisco, MD    
Howard Liu, MD    
David Mercer, MD    
Matt Rizzo, MD    
Debra Romberger, MD    
Kari Simonsen, MD    
Carl Smith, MD    
Mike Wadman, MD    
Craig Walker, MD    
Ashley Wysong, MD