Outcomes Subcommittee

Curriculum Subcommittee

 The Committee’s charge includes:

  1. Recommending to the Faculty policies and plans regarding medical student
  2. Oversight of the development and implementation as well as evaluation of
    the curriculum.
  3. Recommending curriculum changes



Allison Ashford, M.D.
Kirstie Bash, Ph.D.
Jason Burrows, M.D.
Amy Canella, M.D.
Susan Evans, M.D.
Abbey Fingeret, M.D.
Nathan Gollehon, M.D.
Jennifer Grigsby, M.D.
Elizabeth Harlow, M.D.
Shannon Lynch, M.D.
Sarah McBrien, Ph.D.
Ryan Mullane, M.D.
Robert Norgren, Ph.D.
James Padussis, M.D.
Stephanie Radil
Dana Raml, M.D.
Harold Schultz, Ph.D.
Justin Siebler, M.D.
Arun Swaminathan, MBBS
Geoff Talmon, M.D.
Michael Weaver, D.O.
Andrea Zimmer, M.D.