Growth and Vision


Durham Research Center Hixson-Lied Clinical Center

The College of Medicine celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2006.  A longstanding tradition of growth and excellence has been enhanced by several new buildings.

The $77 million Durham Research Center is a 10-level facility on the west edge of the campus.  Much of the space in the building is utilized by College of Medicine researchers.  The building houses 116 laboratories with 289,000 gross square-feet.  The building opened in the fall of 2003.  A second $74 million research tower with 98 additional laboratories opened in early 2009.

The Hixon-Lied Center for Clinical Excellence is a connector between the north and south towers of the Nebraska Medical Center, which opened in 2005.  This 165,000 square-foot building provides expanded space for the emergency and radiology departments, operating rooms, and neonatal intensive care unit.

Sorrell Center for Health Science EducationThe $52 million Michael F. Sorrell Center for Health Science Education opened in 2008.  This four-level building provides a new home for the College of Medicine.  State-of-the-art technology is available to enhance the ability of faculty to provide exemplary education for health care professionals of the future.  Two large auditoriums are supplemented by five intermediate-sized classrooms and 24 small group rooms.  A 16-room clinical skills center provides ample room for clinical skills training.  The College of Medicine holds the majority of their classes in the Sorrell building, as well as select classes for the Colleges of Allied Health, Pharmacy, and Nursing.

Interprofessional Cooperation

Other academic, research and clinical programs at UNMC include: