Then and Now

Graph - Graduates College of Medicine


Today, approximately 130 students are enrolled in each of the four years of medical school, and nearly half are women.  In the early years, the gender ratio was much different.


Graph - Hours spent in curriculum by year

Time Required

Each academic year in 1902 was seven months long.  Today, the first and second years of medical education require eight months, the third year twelve months, and the fourth year nine months.

Instructional Methods

Instruction in the early 1900s required 34 to 41 hours a week during the seven-month academic year.  Students spent most of their time in lectures and laboratories.  Today's students are expected to be active learners and participate in frequent small group sessions and problem solving.  Today, the first two years of the medical curriculum include core courses which integrate subject material traditionally taught as separate courses, and an Integrated Clinical Experience, which covers the biopsychosocial aspects of medicine.  The third and fourth years are almost entirely spent in clinical activities.