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Class Officers

Class officers are elected in their first year of medical school. The officers continue to represent their class throughout the four years of medical school.

In addition to traditional roles, each class elects representatives for curriculum, social, alumni and philanthropy.


President: Jose Morales

Vice President: Emily Zurbuchen

Secretary/Treasurer: Matthew Stephany

Curriculum Chairs: Andrew Braith and Robert Jones

Social Chairs: Ashley Greenwood and Michael Klinginsmith

Alumni Representative: Caity Wessling

Philanthropy Chairs: Daniel Kuehler, Hugh Hiller, and Ariel Tarrell


President: Anthony White

Vice President: Rachel Schlueter

Secretary/Treasurer: Tyler Chonis

Curriculum Chairs: Ian Parsley and Lance Villenueve

Social Chairs: Nicholas Jesse, Michaela Klesitz and Leah Svingen

Alumni Representative: Morgan Jacobi

Philanthropy Chairs: Shannon Haines, Sasha Kapil and Jen McCarty


President: Daniel Arkfeld

Vice President: Travis Martin

Secretary/Treasurer: Justin Oltman

Curriculum Chairs: Bobby Barnes, Natalie Wichelt

Social Chairs: Sebastian Lane, Charlie Treinen, Kelsey Tieken

Alumni Representative: Dustin Herring

Philanthropy Chairs: Sarah Larsen, Rebi Ramm, Yuseph Khan



President: Kaitlin Hunt

Vice President: Morgan Pomplun

Secretary/Treasurer: Nathan Van Winkle

Curriculum Chairs: Justin Burr, Emily Royer

Social Chairs: Erin Grimes, Eric Wolatz, and Tessa Delaney

Alumni Representative: Jordan Bowman

Philanthropy Chairs: Meg Thacker, Gerson Manriquez Martin, and Emily Boes


To be elected in Fall 2017:


Vice President


Curriculum Chairs

Social Chairs

Alumni Representative

Philanthropy Chairs