Educational Resources

See this link for access to the Educational Resources of academic assistance, calendars, policies, McGoogan Library of Medicine, information for prep for boards and residency, UNMC Bookstore, and the UNMC student handbook.

Additional resources:


Student Compliance Training Requirements

Below is a list of apps that you may find useful:



Anki Flashcards

Medical calculator for iOS, provides medical scales, classifications, formulas and scores.

Lexicomp and More iOS & Android
Drugs, diagnostics, disease database, clinical consults, etc.
Prognosis iOS & Android
Quizzing - "Test your diagnostic ability with our simulated clinical cases."
Firecracker MD iOS & Android
Test and course prep
Epocrates iOS, Android & Windows
Medical reference app; drugs, interactions, diseases and diagnostics
ExamMaster Link via McGoogan Library
Brainscape iOS & Android
Muscle and Bone 3D iOS, Android & Windows
Anatomy quizzing
3M Littmann Learning Institute App

iOS & Android
Heart and lung sounds, patient scenarios and self-tests

Picmonic iOS & Android
Test prep; pictures, funny characters, story and audio

Essential Anatomy 5 or
Complete Anatomy

iOS & Windows 10; Android Essential Anatomy 3
Anatomy visualization and quizzing

Daily Rounds

iOS & Android
Share & learn from clinical cases


Helps apply knowledge to M3 rounds. App was created by M3 students.