Clinical Skills and Simulation

The Michael F. Sorrell Clinical Simulation Laboratory (SCSL) is located on the first floor of the Sorrell Sorrell Clinical Skills Labbuilding. This is where learners encounter standardized patients (people portraying patients with a specific illness), practice clinical skills such as suturing, intubation, knee aspiration and lumbar puncture, experience complex simulations with high-fidelity manikins and practice surgical techniques using virtual reality trainers. The high-tech surgical suite has actual medical equipment and a 3G SimMan so the facilitators can teach complicated, real-world cases to the medical students. Specially trained staff keep the simulation lab running at top function so all of the students can rotate through the lab on time, so the students can focus on their task at hand and so the equipment is at top functioning level at all times.

The simulation lab houses 16 clinical examination rooms, two hi-fidelity simulation rooms with a control booth, a room with many surgical virtual reality trainers and a state-of-art simulation surgical operating room. All of the rooms can be observed and/or recorded for review, debriefing, assessment and integrated checklists using CAE LearningSpace capture software. Many skills trainers, manikins and virtual reality trainers are available for the students so they can practice and ultimately test-out on assessments. We encourage you to visit the Sorrell Clinical Skills Lab website for more information

Students can reserve space for practice with the equipment by contacting the Sorrell Clinical Simulation Laboratory (SCSL).