Block Directors

M1/Phase 1 Block Directors

M1 Blocks

Geoffrey Talmon, MD - Co-leader
Richard MacDonald, PhD - Co-leader

Defenses and Invaders:
Paul Fey, PhD - Co-leader
Geoffrey Thiele, PhD - Co-leader
Sara Bares, MD - Co-leader
Andrea Zimmer, MD - Co-leader

Shantaram S. Joshi, PhD - Co-leader
Krishna Gundabolu, MBBS - Co-leader

Musculoskeletal and Integument:
Amy Cannella, MD - Co-leader
Kim Latacha, PhD - Co-leader

Samer Sayyed, MD - Co-leader
George Rozanski, PhD - Co-leader

Craig Piquette, MD - Co-leader
Harold Schultz, PhD - Co-leader

Renal and Acid-Base:
Jennifer Fillaus, DO - Co-leader
Troy Plumb, MD - Co-leader

Paul Larsen, MD - Co-leader
Robert Norgren, PhD - Co-leader
Sheritta Strong, MD - Co-leader
Diego Torres, MD - Co-leader

Fedja Rochling, MBBCH - Co-leader
Justin Mott, MD/PhD - Co-leader

Endocrine and Metabolism:
Amy Neumeister, MD - Co-leader
Shyamal Roy, PhD - Co-leader

Genitourinary, Gynecologic and Reproductive:
Subodh Lele, MD - Co-leader
Shyamal Roy, PhD - Co-leader

Hematology/Oncology (Synthesis block):
Scott Koepsell, MD - Co-leader
Matthew Lunning, MD - Co-leader

Principles of Infectious Disease (Synthesis block):
Sara Bares, MD - Co-leader
Andrea Zimmer, MD - Co-leader

Rheumatology and Immunology (Synthesis block):
Geoffrey Thiele, PhD - Leader

Geriatrics (Synthesis block):
Elizabeth Harlow, MD - Leader

Pediatrics (Synthesis block):
Kari Simonsen, MD - Leader