Block Directors

M1 Block Directors

Geoffrey Talmon, MD - Co-leader; and Phase 1 Director
Richard MacDonald, PhD - Co-leader; and Phase 1 Director

Blood, Defenses and Invaders:
Geoffrey Thiele, PhD - Co-leader
Paul Fey, PhD - Co-leader

Musculoskeletal and Integument:
Amy Cannella, MD - Co-leader
Kim Latacha, PhD - Co-leader

Samer Sayyed, MD - Co-leader
Irving Zucker, PhD - Co-leader

Daniel Hershberger, MD - Co-leader
Harold Schultz, PhD - Co-leader

Renal and Acid-Base:
Jennifer Fillaus, DO - Co-leader
Troy Plumb, MD - Co-leader

Robert Norgren, PhD - Co-leader
Sheritta Strong, MD - Co-leader
Diego Torres, MD - Co-leader