M1 Textbook List

2017 Fall Semester Textbooks



Kumar, V., et.al. 2014.  Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease, 9th ed., W.B. Saunders. 

Moore, K., 2015. The Developing Human: Clinically Oriented Embryology, 10th ed., Elsevier. 

Ross, M., et.al. 2016. Histology: A Text and Atlas, 7th ed., Wolters Kluwer. 

Skochelak, S, et.al. 2016. Health Systems Science, 1st ed., Elsevier.  

Wedding, D., 2010. Behavior and Medicine, 5th ed., Hogrefe Publications.


Moore, K., et.al. 2014. Clinically Oriented Anatomy, 7th ed., Wolters Kluwer Health/LWW. 

*2017 edition will be available in September. You may purchase either the 7th or 8th editions.         

**Please see bundle option under recommended/optional.



Gartner, L., 2014. Color Atlas and Text of Histology, 6th ed., LWW. 

Gordis, L. 2014. Epidemiology, 5th ed., Elsevier/Saunders. 

Katzung, B.G., 2014. Basic and Clinical Pharmacology, 13th ed., McGraw-Hill/Appleton & Lange.           

Defenses and Invaders   

Doan, T., et.al. 2012. Lippincott’s Illustrated Reviews of Immunology, 2nd ed., LWW. 

Male, D., et.al. 2012. Immunology, 8th ed., Elsevier/Saunders

Murray, P., et.al. 2015. Medical Microbiology, 8th ed., Elsevier/Saunders.   


Agur, A. et.al. 2016. Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy, 14th ed., LWW.       

Moore, K., et.al. 2013. Clinically Anatomy Review Powered by Prep U 7th ed., Wolters Kluwer Health/LWW. 

**Moore, K., et.al. 2013. Clinically Oriented Anatomy and Review Book Bundle, 7th ed., Wolters Kluwer Health/LWW.

Netter, F. 2014. Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy., 6th ed., Saunders