Core Directors

M2 Courses and Faculty

M2 Cores

Year Two Director and Problem Based Learning Coordinator: David McMillan, PhD

Introduction to Disease Processes
Core Director: Geoffrey Talmon, MD

Subsection Leaders: 
Geoffrey Talmon, MD (microbiology)
Thomas McDonald, PhD (immunology)
Corrine Hanson, PhD (nutrition)
Jennifer Fillaus, DO (acid-base)

Cardiology/Pulmonary/Endocrinology/Ear, Nose, & Throat
Core Director: Craig Piquette, MD

Subsection Leaders:
Craig Piquette, MD (pulmonary)
Samer Sayyed, MD (cardiology) 
Amy Neumeister, MD and Lynn Mack, MD(endocrinology)
Christopher Bingcang, MD (Ear, Nose & Throat)

Integrated Clinical Experience III (Fall Semester)
Integrated Clinical Experience IV (Spring Semester)
Core Director: Regan Taylor, MD

Core Director: Paul Larsen, MD

Subsection Leaders:
Sheritta Strong, MD (psychiatry)
Shane Havens, MD (ophthalmology)
Paul Larsen, MD(neurology)

Gastroenterology section, Core Director - Fedja Rochling, MD
Genitourinary section, Core Director - Subodh Lele, MD

Core Director    - Matthew  Lunning, DO
Assistant Core Director - Scott Koepsell, MD

Core Director - Amy Cannella, MD

Nutrition Coordinator - Corrine Hanson, PhD
Pathology Coordinator - Geoffrey Talmon, MD
Pharmacology  Coordinator - David McMillan, PhD