Patient Encounter Log


During the clinical clerkships, students begin developing the clinical competencies required for graduation and post-graduate training.  These competencies are evaluated in many different ways: by faculty observation during rotations, by oral examinations, by NBME Subject Examinations, and by the USMLE Step 2 Examinations.  In order to develop many of these competencies and meet the objectives required for graduation, the school needs to ensure that each student sees an appropriate mix of patients during their clerkships to achieve the learning objectives. For these reasons, as well as others discussed below and to meet accreditation standards, the school has developed this patient encounter log policy.

One of the medical student learning objectives students must achieve during their training involves documentation.  Documentation is an essential and important feature of patient care and learning how and what to document is an important part of medical education.  Keeping this log becomes a student training exercise in documentation. The accuracy with which students maintain and update their patient log will be part of their evaluation during the clerkships.

 Process of Patient Encounter Log Review:

Clerkship Administration Responsibility

Student Responsibility

Patient Encounter Log Items

The following items are required for the clerkship-specific patient encounters/procedures.  Failure to complete these will be considered incomplete.  You will have to complete all items in order to receive credit for the encounter.

Clerkship specific patient encounter log items.