Phase 1 Block Directors
Each block of the Phase 1 Curriculum has two block directors whose specialties align with the content of that block. The blocks also have specialists that lecture within the block. Students will learn key principles and objectives through a variety of learning experiences focused on interactive and facilitated learning in both the classroom and clinical environments.  UNMC encourages learning in small groups and extensively incorporates simulation into its clinical curriculum.
Semester 1  

Richard MacDonald, PhD - Co-leader
Geoffrey Talmon, MD
 - Co-leader

Blood, Defenses and Invaders:
Geoffrey Thiele, PhD - Co-leader

Musculoskeletal and Integument:
Amy Cannella, MD - Co-leader
Kim Latacha, PhD - Co-leader

Semester 2  

Samer Sayyed, MD - Co-leader
Irving Zucker, PhD - Co-leader

Daniel Hershberger, MD - Co-leader
Harold Schultz, PhD - Co-leader

Ryan Mullane, MD - Co-leader
Troy Plumb, MD - Co-leader
Steven Sansom, PhD - Co-leader

Robert Norgren, PhD - Leader
Shannon Lynch, MD - Co-leader
Sheritta Strong, MD - Co-leader
Diego Torres, MD - Co-leader
Semester 3  

Justin Mott, MD/PhD - Co-leader
Fedja Rochling, MBBCH
 - Co-leader

Endocrine and Metabolism:
Amy Neumeister, MD - Co-leader
Shyamal Roy, PhD - Co-leader

Genitourinary, Reproductive and Development:
Keely Cassidy, PhD - Co-leader
Chris Deibert, MD
 - Co-leader

Multi-organ Systems
Sara Bares, MD - Co-leader
Amy Cannella, MD - Co-leader
Andrea Zimmer, MD - Co-leader