Digital Requirements

All medical students are required to have a mobile device (laptop or tablet).  The College of Medicine does not make recommendations for specific devices; instead, we encourage you to choose an internet-ready mobile device that suits your needs.  Examples of how these devices will be utilized include but are not limited to: retrieving and viewing lecture notes or presentation slides; digital note-taking; viewing videos; taking examinations; completing e-learning modules; and other basic computing tasks (exam taking, word processing, PDF reader) and internet-based activities (research, email, web conferencing, Canvas).

The device you already own will likely meet these requirements.  If it does not, you will need to purchase a new device or upgrade your current device.  As such, the Financial Aid office will adjust your cost of attendance by $2500 for the purchase of a device, software, and/or peripheral devices.  Please note that a cellular phone is NOT an acceptable device for exam taking and will not meet ExamSoft’s minimum requirements.  During your clinical clerkships (3rd year), you will also be using your device for clerkship exams.  Please note that clerkship exams are not compatible with iPads at this time.

If you have any questions or concerns about the device requirements please send an email to