EMET Projects

Capstone Projects by Senior EMET students

Class of 2020

Comprehensive HIV Medicine

Groteluschen, Holly (holly.hartman@unmc.edu
Customized blister packaging for patients living with HIV: assessment of patient attitudes and satisfaction

Innovations in Clinical Care

Marmie, Blake (blake.marmie@unmc.edu
Feasibility of fluoroscopy-free endovascular navigation in subjects of different ages

Preventive Medicine

Dorwart, Matthew (matthew.dorwart@unmc.edu)
Physician Awareness of Resources Available for Patients to Increase Physical Activity

Housh, Jaycee (jaycee.housh@unmc.edu
Additional laparotomy sponges requested during cesarean delivery: 'early warning' associated with postpartum hemorrhage

Liesemeyer, Shelby (shelby.liesemeyer@unmc.edu)
Do the Current Health Behaviors of Third-Year Medical Students have correlations with their frequency and confidence in counseling of patients on preventive health behaviors?

Megan Rolfzen (Thacker) (megan.rolfzen@unmc.edu)
Perceived Benefits and Barriers of Static Stretching in Exercisers

Underserved Medicine

Ballen, Annie (annie.ballen@unmc.edu
Using the Rapid Assessment for Adolescent Preventative Services Risk Screening Tool to Identify Depression in Two Omaha High Schools

Kanley, Amissabah (amissabah.johnson@unmc.edu)
A state-level retrospective analysis of newborn screening for sickle cell Hemoglobinopathies

Manriquez-Martinez, Gerson (g.manriquezmartin@unmc.edu
Quality Care in Underserved Communities. Assessing Patient Satisfaction with Obstetrical Care at Oneworld Community Health Center