Duty Hour Policy

LCME Standard 8.8 states:

 8.8 Monitoring Student Workload

The medical school faculty committee responsible for the medical curriculum and the program’s administration and leadership ensure the development and implementation of effective policies and procedures regarding the amount of time medical students spend in required activities, including the total number of hours medical students are required to spend in clinical and educational activities during clerkships.

Clinical time for medical students cannot exceed the 80/30 rule with one day off per week averaged over duration of the clerkship. 

  1. Clarifications
    • 30 hours = work more than 30 hours consecutively in clinical activities
    • 80 hours per week (averaged over the clerkship period) during a clerkship in clinical activities
    • Hours refers to time spent in hospitals or clinics. It does NOT refer to time in required didactic sessions, independent/group studying, or working on other clerkship/self-study projects.
    • Official University holiday days off DO count as a day off under this policy. Example: Student has Memorial Day off as a University holiday, so student may be required to work the other 6 days in that week.
  2. In-house call frequency cannot be more than once every week averaged over the duration of the clerkship.
  3. Students on any rotation must not be placed on call the evening before a final examination. 
Policy Source Approved 
Duty Hour UNMC COM Clerkship Directors 05/13/2014