Grading - Phase 1M2 and M3 Grading

Phase 1 Grading Guidelines

General Principle: 

Students will be granted a score of either Pass or Fail for each course during the Foundations of Medicine Phase (Phase 1).  Percent scores (determined as a composite - see below) will be maintained for each student in order to determine scholarships, AOA nominations, and for writing the MSPE letter.  Students will have access to their final grade of Pass or Fail for each course and their percent performance on assessments in order to guide students in their progress and performance compared to their peers.

Guidelines for a grade of Pass:

The composite score must consist of a reasonable degree of assessment in each of three components and requires approval from the Office of Medical Education (OME): 



Medical Knowledge Exams (MK)


Multiple choice, short answer, and essay examinations and quizzes; written assignments;

Application Exams (APP)

OSCE; patient interviewing; physical diagnosis; procedural skills; lab activities

Collaborative & Independent Learning (CIL)

Small group engagement rubric, reflection rubric, multiple quizzes as completion (eg, five 10-point quizzes =5 points total), etc.

A grading committee, which is comprised of the Block Director(s) and independent faculty members, will consider contextual factors in order to make final decisions about students below the minimum passing score for any one of the three components. 


For students who fail one component (MK, APP, or CIL) within a block (per Grading Committee defined cut point for pass/fail), a grade of “No Report” will be recorded until remediation is completed. 

 Suggested Remediation Guidelines

Policy Source Approved
Phase 1 Grading Curriculum Committee February 2017
Phase 1 Grading (revised) Curriculum Committee February 2018

M2 Grading

The minimum percentage score required to earn a grade of Pass will be based on an average of the minimum score for Pass for the preceding five years in that core/block. This score will be provided to students prior to the beginning of each core/block. Students who earn a percentage score greater than or equal to the published minimum score for Pass are guaranteed a grade of Pass or higher. Students who earn a percentage score below this cut point are at risk for receiving a grade of Marginal or Fail but may receive a grade of Pass. A Grading Committee will review the de-identified class performance for that core/block to determine which (if any) students will be assigned grades of Marginal or Fail and verify the assignment of Honors and High Pass grades. As in past years, the top 10% of the class will receive a grade of Honors (H) while the next 20% of the class will receive a grade of High Pass (HP). 

To determine final grade assignments for each core/block, a Grading Committee consisting of the Core/Block Director (or a representative) and two members appointed by the COM Curriculum Committee will be established. To maintain a Grading Committee made up of an odd number of individuals, a third member will sit on the Grading Committee for cores/blocks that are directed by more than one individual. Members of the COM Student Evaluation Committee are not eligible to serve on this committee unless they are doing so as the Core/Block Director. The Grading Committee will review the de-identified class performance for the core in addition to historical performance data and other contextual factors to assign all final grades for the core. The Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs will have final approval of the committee’s decisions and can request reconsideration by the committee for decisions that are not congruent with policy or the mission of the COM.

Policy Source Approved
Grading Curriculum Committee 07/22/2014

M3 Grading

The minimum requirements to receive a Pass on the clerkship will be provided to students at orientation for each clerkship. Students who meet the minimum requirements for Pass are guaranteed a grade of Pass or higher. Overall grades are determined by a combination of medical knowledge (subject examination), application (OSCE, clinical performance, etc.), and collaborative and independent learning.  Each clerkship assigns Honors to the top 20%, High Pass to the next 20%, and the remainder are eligible for Pass.  If for some reason a student fails a component of the overall grading, they may receive a grade of Marginal.  A grade of Fail will be assigned for substandard performance on multiple components.