College Committee Members
The College of Medicine Committee Members are available below.
Clerkship Director Committee  
Member Department
Amy Cutright, MD Emergency Medicine
Laura Cudzilo, MD OB-GYN
James Padussis, MD Surgery
Sharon Hammer, MD Psychiatry
*Gerald F. Moore, MD Internal Medicine
Nathan Anderson, MD Internal Medicine
Mindy Lacey, MD Family Medicine
Nathan Gollehon, MD Pediatrics
Geoffrey Talmon, MD Office of Medical Education
Vanessa Larson - coordinator Office of Medical Education
* Chair of Committee
Curriculum Committee  

Renee Alley, B.S.

Nathan Anderson, M.D.

Rishi Batra, M.D.

Keely Cassidy, Ph.D.

Kelly Caverzagie, M.D.

Amy Cutright, M.D.

Shirley Delair, M.D.

Matthew DeVries, M.D.

Melissa Diers, MEd

Kathryn Dybdall, M.S., M.A.

Alan Erickson, M.D.

Nicole Evans, M.D.

Abbey Fingeret, M.D.

Ryan Geisert, Medical Student

Daniel Gih, M.D.

Nathan Gollehon, M.D.

Wendy Grant, M.D.

Jon Hall, M.D.

Teri Hartman, MLS

Amy Hellman, M.D.

Terrence Kumar, Medical Student

Richard MacDonald, Ph.D.

Gerald Moore, M.D.

Justin  Mott, M.D., Ph.D.

Ryan Mullane, D.O.

David O'Dell, M.D.

Peter Oldenburg, Ph.D.

James Padussis, M.D.

Lisa Paquette, BGS

Craig Piquette, M.D.

Sue Pope   

Steve Sansom, Ph.D.

Ben Stobbe, MBA

Geoffrey Talmon, M.D.

Regan Taylor, M.D.

Geoffrey Thiele, Ph.D.

Alexander Tu, Medical Student

Taylor Uhlir , Medical Student

Jamie Wilson, BMBCH

Outcomes Subcommittee  

Allison Ashford, M.D.

Jason Burrows, M.D.

Amy Cannella, M.D.

Susan Evans, M.D.

Abbey Fingeret, M.D., Co-Chair

Nathan Gollehon, M.D.

Jennifer Grigsby 

Elizabeth Harlow, M.D.

Shannon Lynch, M.D.

Sarah McBrien, Ph.D.

Ryan Mullane, D.O., Co-Chair

Amy Neumeister, M.D.

Robert Norgren, Ph.D.

James Padussis, M.D.

Stephanie Radil

Dana Raml, M.D.

Harold Schultz, Ph.D.

Justin Siebler, M.D.

Arun Swaminathan, MBBS

Geoff Talmon, M.D.

Michael Weaver, D.O.

Andrea Zimmer, M.D.

Student Evaluation Committee  
Member Year
Jean A. Simonson, MD, Chair  
Adam Case, PhD 2020
Katherine C. Finney, MD 2020
Andrea Jones, MD 2022
Trek C. Langenhan, MD 2021
Jennifer A. Leinicke, MD 2021
Travis L. McCumber, PhD 2020
Sachit A. Patel, MD 2022
Reagan M. Taylor, MD 2021*
David S. Carver, PhD (ex-officio)  
Alan R. Erickson, MD (ex-officio)  
Wendy J. Grant, MD (ex-officio)  
Jeffrey D. Harrison, MD (ex-officio)  
Geoffrey A. Talmon, MD (ex-officio)  
Dapo Akinmoladun (medical student)  

Appointments effective October 1.
Year indicates expiration of term.
*Second term, not eligible for reappointment.