Software and Staff Assistance

Easy-to-use software or Do it yourself

The following is a comprehensive list of instructional technologies available to faculty. As learners come to expect this type of content in their courses, faculty are becoming more adept at incorporating these technologies either as part of lecture or asynchronously on the learning management system. Students, for example, complete an e-learning module or have available to them an e-module study aid, or perhaps complete a group project online outside of class. 

We encourage you to take a look at everything outlined below. 

Do-it-Yourself Software

Digital Flashcards - Anki

Create and share flash cards.

Digital Distribution and Storage

PollEverywhere: Live audience participation

UNMC has a site license for this software.

Request a user license: Matt Rutledge, UNMC ITS

Record audio and video directly from your computer

  1. Echo360 -- contact ITS at
  2. Via Canvas learning management system

Screen Recording

Also available with Echo360, capture a recording of your computer screen. Contact ITS at

UNMC Branding Downloads

Please make use of these templates anytime you are creating materials for public presentations.

1. PowerPoint Presentation templates
2. Scientific Poster templates 
3. Logos

UNMC E-Learning Lab

The lab is housed in the McGoogan Health Sciences Library and has resources such as design software and staff for instructional design consultation. 

Copyright information: Please visit the UNMC McGoogan Health Sciences Library and here

Online Learning - create with OME Staff Assistance

You supply the content, we work with you to put it together using the appropriate software.


The OME staff will set up all courses in Canvas as well as upload the content. Canvas is the learning management system used for:

  1. Lecture, small group, PBL, lab, etc. content repository
  2. Quizzes
  3. Assignments

You will need to provide OME staff with all pertinent documents for the course on a timely basis such that the course is up to date for the students.

All faculty/lecturers are asked to provide the OME with lecture content a minimum of 2 weeks before the lecture date so we can upload the material to OASIS. The students liked to be prepared.


Access Canvas

Canvas Instructor Guide

UNMC Canvas information

Epic OneChart Educational Platform

Use of Epic OneChart in the educational platform for small groups is an option but it takes time to develop. You would be working with instructional designers at Nebraska Medicine who develop the content in the EDU OneChart platform. The OME staff can put you in contact with the staff who do this work. Plan ahead at least 6 months.

If you are interested in creating an Epic OneChart educational experience, please contact Kitty Dybdall at or 402-559-8093.


    • Multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, and essay items; performance assessment via file upload (written document, video, photo)
    • Test blueprinting
    • Item banking
    • Rubric development for performance assessments and essays
    • Self- and peer-assessment
    • Formative assessment and feedback
    • Psychometric data analysis

Contact: Tamra Nielson, Assessment Coordinator