Educational Support Grant

Educational Support Grants are made available to the College of Medicine faculty to encourage advancements in health professions education.  Grants are awarded to faculty to support the implementation of innovative educational programs.  Grants are for a one-year period and are awarded based on the benefit to students in a degree program, the faculty member, and the College of Medicine.

Examples of past grants that have been awarded: purchase of equipment for use in clinical education, development of a web-based educational program/course/tutorial, and purchase of software for use in instructional settings.


Staff or faculty salary support is not available through Educational Support Grants.  Grant funds may be used to pay part-time, temporary workers, such as students who are contracted exclusively for this project.

Grant Guidelines:

The application is submitted using an online form.  Information requested:

At the end of the grant cycle, a summary letter to the Dean will be required.

Complete this online form and submit it for consideration. The 2021 application period is Jan 15 - March 15.

For more information, contact Kathryn Dybdall -