Rotation Capacity Determination Policy


The College of Medicine (COM) ensures that the learning environment for all educational activities is conducive to achieving course objectives and allows for appropriate and sufficient interaction with educators. Determination of the maximum capacity for learners on each elective rotation is made to ensure that:

Each Career Specialty Track (CST) Director is responsible for confirming that the learner capacity for each of their departments' rotations meets the above criteria.  The CST director is to review student evaluation data, along with feedback from faculty and residents, and reassess the capacity for every rotation in cooperation with rotation directors and departmental leadership annually.  The CST directors update the Office of Admissions and Student Affairs on changes of capacity for each rotation prior to the publishing of the Phase 3 course catalog and report on the reasons for any alterations to the Associate Dean for Medical Education and Phase Director each year.

Approved by the Curriculum Committee: May 25, 2021