Visiting Students

In the fourth year of medical school, students can choose to complete an elective at another U.S. medical school. Students may want to experience a particular specialty at another institution or check out the area for a potential residency spot.

Current students who want to visit other institutions can apply online at the Visiting Student Application Service (VSAS) through the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC). If you are considering a school that is not part of the VSAS program, you must contact the school directly to apply.

Requests for elective time at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Medicine from students attending U.S. medical schools or osteopathic schools are done through VSAS (Visiting Student Application Service). There is a maximum of 1 (one) rotation per applicant. Please limit requests to NO MORE THAN 3 (three) options for review as all others will be automatically denied. More information is available on our VSAS homepage :  UNMC VSAS and click Learn More.

Do not contact any faculty or clinical department prior to your acceptance for a rotation. Doing so is considered a professionalism breach and may disqualify you from doing rotations at UNMC. Applications will be reviewed by merit beginning April 1 with decisions BEGINNING May 1 of each academic year. UNMC offers rotations from July - February of each academic year.

Applicants will be expected to adhere to the date schedule as prescribe by UNMC and be able to attend all 4 weeks of any given rotation. UNMC will not enter into affiliation agreements with D.O. institutions. Please check with your institution to see if this is required BEFORE submitting applications.

For more information on our visiting student electives, please contact Lisa Paquette.  For more information on VSAS, please visit

The University of Nebraska College of Medicine does not accept application for electives from students attending foreign medical schools and non-LCME accredited M.D. institutions or non-COCA accredited D.O institutions.