Students who want a career in medicine and research can apply to the MD-PhD Scholars Program. Training begins the summer prior to the first year of medical school where students participate in laboratory rotations to select a research mentor.

In addition to the course work of a first-year medical student, extra activities will be required of the MD-PhD Scholar. He/she will attend special research seminars and interact with faculty at informal research discussions. Another laboratory rotation is possible during the second semester of the first year of medical school. This is done on a part time basis to ensure continued success in the medical school curriculum.

Typically, after completing the second year of the medical school curriculum and passing Step 1 of the USMLE, the scholar will enter the selected research program as a full-time graduate student. Three or four years will be required to complete additional course work in the graduate program, the departmental comprehensive exam, and independent research leading to a PhD dissertation. After completion of the PhD, the scholar will rejoin the medical class as a third year student and complete the last two years of clinical training.

 Summer program option

 Students interested in summer research opportunities should visit the MD-PhD Summer Undergraduate Research Program website for application instructions and information.