Great Plains IDeA-CTR

The Great Plains IDeA-CTR is a collaborative effort between nine regional institutions, including UNMC. The IDeA-CTR strives to provide training, education and mentorship; tools and resources; and funding to regional researchers.

Goals of the CTR:

    1. Create and sustain the infrastructure, services, resources, and community relationships needed to expand funded CTR across the Great Plains.
    2. Develop a cadre of successful CTR investigators with a comprehensive professional development program, pilot grants, key component activities (KCAs), and expertise, who are prepared to develop and implement innovative tools and approaches and lead CTR teams.
    3. Build upon existing regional partnerships to:
      1. expand CTR teams
      2. disseminate existing resources to enhance their utilization and reduce duplication
      3. collaborate to build new programs and resources
      4. improve health outcomes
    4. Implement a comprehensive internal evaluation program to:
      1. assess and strengthen Great Plains IDeA-CTR leadership
      2. measure the impact of the Great Plains IDeA-CTR programs in the region
      3. track Great Plains IDeA-CTR progress goals and performance milestones
      4. assess effectiveness of resources and dissemination across the region

To learn more about the Great Plains IDeA-CTR, click here.