Faculty/Staff Resources

Alternative Work Arrangements: with the following links:

  1. Remote/Alternative Work Site
  2. Flexible Work Schedule
  3. Job/Shift Sharing & Alternate Work Duties
  4. Reduced Schedule

Resources: -  with the following links

  1. Tips for Supervisors
  2. Utilize some of these online training resources to learn new skills
  3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  4. Alternative Work Arrangement Request Form (not required but available)

Additional Resources from Gallup

  1. with 6 links to Gallup

Related Information: - with the following links:

  1. Emergency Paid Administrative Leave
  2. UNMC Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources
  3. Nebraska Health & Human Services update on COVID-19
  4. The CDC website maintains accurate and up-to-date information