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UNMC leadership encourages students, faculty and staff to follow the latest CDC guidance and be mindful of their health and wellness as concerns of coronavirus grow.

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Returning to Campus

The University of Nebraska Medical Center is committed to providing a world-class education; it is our belief that a rich on-campus experience is a critical part of this education. Ensuring that this experience is a safe one, however, is the responsibly of all of us. Thus, as we open our campus this fall, we ask all students, staff, and faculty to do their part by following seven easy steps:

1. Self-screen

Self-screen using the 1-Check COVID app (or an alternative as described below) each day that you plan on being physically present on campus. Learn more about self-screning.


  • 2. Avoid campus if sick

    Refrain from coming to campus if you (or someone in your house) are sick or if your 1-Check COVID screen results advise you to

  • 3. Wear a mask

    Wear a cloth or surgical/procedure mask that covers the mouth and nose at all times while in public spaces (including classrooms, hallways, and other common areas). Masks should only be removed while eating or while in closed private offices. Learn more about mask guidance.

  • 4. Social distance

    Maintain a distance of at least six feet from other persons while on campus.

  • 5. Wash hands

    Wash your hands frequently. Hands should be washed with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (roughly the time it takes to sing Happy Birthday to oneself twice). Alcohol-based hand sanitizer may be used when soap and water are not readily available.

  • 6. Clean surfaces

    Assist in the cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. Cleaning solution and cloths are widely available in campus buildings; students, staff, and faculty should assist in cleaning their desks, tables, and personal spaces, especially when such surfaces are likely to have become contaminated (e.g. when one sneezes or coughs while their mask is off).

  • 7. Work remotely when possible

    In an effort to ‘de-densify’ the campus, staff who are able to accomplish their duties remotely and have the approval of their supervisor may continue to work from home.

Fall 2020 Academic Calendar

August 24-December 4 December 14-18
Fall 2020 semester
Some courses and clinical rotations may differ.
Finals week

Information For

  • Keep Learning (Students)

    A list of resources for students on how to continue taking classes online and access UNMC student services.

  • Keep Teaching (Faculty)

    A list of resources for faculty on how to continue teaching classes online.

  • Keep Working (Staff)

    Resources for faculty and staff on how to keep working while remaining safe.

  • Research Operations

    Resources and updates specific to faculty, staff, and students involved with UNMC research activities. 

Campus Resources

  • Travel Guidance

    An update to our travel guidance for UNMC and Nebraska Medicine staff who have traveled abroad.

  • Wellness Resources

    A collection of resources to help with the wellbeing of our colleagues during this challenging time.

  • Nebraska Medicine Resources

    Find answers to common questions about the virus, advice about how to protect yourself and your loved ones, and resources for health care providers.

  • Helpful Links

    Looking for more information about the coronavirus? Explore these helpful links from reputable sources.

  • For the Media

    A collection of audio and video files available to download.

  • We Need Your Help

    We have a vital role during this pandemic, and you can help. Please consider a gift to help us continue world-leading research, help affected students and care for patients.


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