College Awards

College of Dentistry Awards & Recognition Ceremony

2022 - List of award winners.

Dr. Kenneth Batenhorst Memorial Faculty Award

The graduating dental class chooses a faculty member who has made a significant contribution to their education and has shown great dedication to preparing students to be leaders in dentistry.

2014 - Dr. Henry A. St. Germain, Jr. 
2015 - Dr. Ernest W. Sigler
2017 - Dr. Paul A. Hansen
2018 - Dr. Paul A. Hansen
2019 - Dr. Ernest W. Sigler
2020 - Dr. Robin L. Hattervig
2021 - Dr. Bradley J. Krivohlavek
2022 - Dr. Gregory Bennett

Omicron Kappa Upsilon 4-Year Teaching Award

The graduating dental class recognizes a faculty member who has made a significant contribution to their education.

2020 - Dr. Yoshiharu Ameku
2021 - Dr. James F. Jenkins
2022 - Dr. Yoshiharu Ameku

Silver 'U' Award

The Silver 'U' Award is given to employees whose overall performance is above and beyond the scope of their position. They are nominated by their peers.

2016 - Nyla Frisch, Lois Lawrence, Pat Lopez, Genny Poskochil, Katie Schulte, Stacey Schuman
2017 - Kathy Gregg, Kim Hailey, Cathy Rutt, Sara Scott
2018 - Becky Case, Vicki Hollers, Ralph Norton, Sandy Williamson
2019 - Vickie Gabriel-Barry, Calvin Hughes, Mary Teresa McElroy, Jintana Saowapa
2020 - Dana Alm, Doreen Cole, Kim Theesen, Tama Trewet-Sloop
2021 - Nicholas Bechen, Kim Hilfiker, Sara Klein, Priti Gandhi
2022 - Andrea Auer, Hannah Evans