Predoctoral Comprehensive Care

Group Administrator: Dr. Mary Lynn Froeschle

Group Leaders: Dr. Robin Hattervig, Dr. Jim Jenkins, Dr. Jennifer Kallio, Dr. David Zalewski

Group Associates: Dr. Myhanh Phan-Rinne, Dr. John Reinhardt, Dr. Ernie Sigler, Dr. Richard Bokemper

Predoctoral Comprehensive Care has two divisions. The first is patient centered comprehensive care which serves as the clinical management system for assessment and treatment planning and entry of patients into the college's clinics, as well as the assignment of patients to predoctoral dental students. The second division is dental emergency services which provides the educational background and clinical experiences for dental students to manage patient dental emergencies.  These faculty members work primarily with D3 and D4 students to assign optimum numbers of clinical patient experiences to meet discipline-specific competency exams and to ensure a broad range of dental experiences. The advocates, along with patient care coordinators and appointment clerks, help students to manage their patients' needs through weekly seminars, case presentations, treatment planning conferences, clinical experiences in the assessment and treatment planning clinic, and overall record management.