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Nebraska Practice Opportunities

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A Message from Veronica McManamon

Greetings to all.

I just wanted to send a quick note to our UNMC College of Dentistry webpage fans. There are all sorts of new activities that have taken place here at the college which started this past summer. The lower level has undergone a complete facelift. All the classrooms have been updated with new flooring, new tables and chairs and technology updates. These changes are more conducive to modern teaching methods in dental education. Outside of the classrooms all the floors have been resurfaced and have added a bit of color, moving us away from the institutional beige we have all become accustomed to over the years. The biggest change is the simulation lab located in the lower level. It is impressive. One must see it in order to take in the major effect this improvement will have on the educational process for our students.

Those of you who attended the Opportunity Fair this past September were here during the construction stages. The floors were bare, down to the concrete, and the hallways served as storage for lockers and various other items. But, we managed and the fair was a big success as far as numbers of people attending. I do hope many new connections were made and that new opportunities will be available to our students as they prepare for their future in dentistry.

We have tentatively set the date for the annual Opportunities Fair for 2020. Pencil in Friday, October 9, 2020. The college has a busy agenda throughout the year and there have been times that conflicts occur. We have had to move events around from time to time, thus the tentative date. We don’t want conflicts as we want as many of our students as possible to attend this event.

For more information about the opportunities listing or the opportunities fair, contact: 
Veronica McManamon

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