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About Extramural Rotations

For over thirty years, the College of Dentistry has been sending fourth-year dental students into established dental practices in Nebraska, Wyoming, South Dakota and Kansas with a preceptor - a professional dentist who acts as a mentor and directs students in their practice. The goal of extramural rotations is for students to receive hands-on experience in running a private practice. Students complete three-week rotations: one rotation in a rural private practice and one in a public health clinic.

Extramural rotations are part of the service learning policy and an educational requirement for all students. Oral Biology faculty serve as the directors for the following six courses that contribute to the service learning curriculum: Human Behavior Analysis, Problems in Patient Management, Practice Management, Extramural Programs, Seminar in Practice Management, and Research, Ethics and Public Health.

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Jennifer K. Kallio, DDS
Assistant Professor