Silver 'U' Awards

The Silver 'U' Award is given to employees whose overall performance is above and beyond the scope of their position. They are nominated by their peers.


Dana Alm (2020 Recipient)

Dental Surgery Scheduler

"Dana spends a significant amount of time in her day adapting to last minute changes with our surgery schedule. In pediatrics, finding a solution quickly to benefit a child is a part of our reality every day. Being innovative is a skill that is necessary and Dana has perfected finding avenues to get our patients the care they need. Empathy is a trait that is necessary in healthcare, but even more so working with children. We see many patients who have complicated medical and social histories and require a high level of empathy to work with. Dana's empathy allows her to connect with patients and helps them see that they have an advocate for their child in her."


Nicholas Bechen (2021 Recipient)

Computer and Multimedia Maintenance Tech

"Nicholas is always striving to help us solve our computer problems. If he is unsure, he is immediately checking resources to help fix our problem. He communicates very well and listens to what our problems are and strives to communicate what we are experiencing to our level of understanding so we can have a better understanding of what happened and possibly why and how to fix it the next time around if we can. He does quality work and can always solve our issues. He definitely knows when we are stressed or frustrated and works with us to make sure we understand and knows how to calm us down! Nicholas always is making sure he comes in a timely manner to help us as he knows how much we rely on our computers for our work. He is very personable and friendly. Thank you, Nicholas, for always being there to help and doing it in such an efficient and effective manner to help us do our jobs!"


Kim Hilfiker (2021 Recipient)

Maintenance and Supply Assistant

"Kim is a very considerate employee. She is always willing to cover for and help others and volunteer when needed. She is a friendly person who always has a smile to give and a hand to lend or wave! If ever gone, she will always say "goodbye, see ya when I get back!" She also makes sure her area is or will be covered by someone. We are very lucky to have Kim at the College of Dentistry!"


Calvin Hughes (2019 Recipient)

Learning Resources Systems Technologist

"When we began plans to renovate three classrooms and our pre-clinical simulation area, Calvin came up with innovative AV designs for updated areas using solutions that were outside of the box. Even the AV vendors were impressed with his concepts. During our renovations, Calvin included the IT and Educational Technology teams in the decisions, had his ideas mapped out in Visio for easy sharing and as an aid for conceptualization, and was open to all suggestions and questions. During the implementation of stage one, he trained all IT and Educational Technology staff as support for faculty. In order to make sure our classrooms were ready for the first day of classes, we had to shift gears with our vendor and plan a phase one and phase two after the project had already begun (an item was back ordered necessitating the change). He worked with the vendor to come up with the new plan that would facilitate operational rooms for August 26. Additionally, he created a design for our clinical area allowing it to serve as a pre-clinical space while our renovation on the new space was continuing through September. That included adding lecture capture, desktop sharing, broadcasting and live simulation sharing to a space not designed for anything but patient visits. Calvin has definitely thought of others during our renovation and the good of the program."


Sara Klein (2021 Recipient)

Patient Appointment and Registration Clerk

"Sara is an excellent co-worker and a genuine friend. She demonstrates excellent team work every day by helping everyone in and out of our department. Sara goes the extra mile to put a smile on all our students' and patients' faces. We can count on Sara to help out with any position at work and know she will do a great and thorough job!"


Kim Theesen (2020 Recipient)

Graphic Designer

"Kim exemplifies a strong foundation of professionalism in providing the College of Dentistry with a multitude of exemplary visuals. His enthusiastic commitment to the college is most admirable. Kim's friendly demeanor and cooperativeness with faculty, staff, students, and persons outside the COD exhibits that he cares to create a common goal supporting the mission and vision of UNMC."


Tama Trewet-Sloop (2020 Recipient)

Tele-Dentistry Coordinator

"Tama has been an asset to the College of Dentistry in her current role as the Teledentistry Coordinator. Not only does she go above and beyond to help the underserved population, she has the empathy for those who do not have the support of others, whether it is family members, the community or the school system. Tama is consistently seeking new ways for the community to help the underserved kids who do not have a dental home and educates whomever she needs to ensure children are receiving adequate oral care. Tama understands that there is a need of underserved children not only in our community, but also across the state. She travels where the need is, trains and educates school nurses and FQHC partners on how to identify oral needs of children and how to document this. Tama has the courage to speak up when needed for these children and will go above and beyond to ensure their needs are met."