Frequently Asked Questions

Who can be a patient at the UNMC College of Dentistry?
Anyone whose dental care needs match the educational needs of our students, and who is able to meet financial obligations.

Will you take my insurance?
We are participating with BCBS and Ameritas insurance companies. We will file to ALL insurances, but you are responsible for payment the day of the appointment and your insurance will reimburse you.

Is there research in which I can be involved?
The UNMC COD is involved in a number of clinical trials at any time. You might be eligible to participate depending on your dental needs.

What is the mission of the UNMC College of Dentistry?
To educate dental health professionals and to improve the health of the citizens of Nebraska through excellence in research, patient care and outreach.

What is "Patient Centered Comprehensive Care"?
The care that occurs when a student provides or manages the treatment to which the patient agrees and which is provided in a timely manner consistent with the College of Dentistry Standards of Care.

How does treatment vary from my previous dental experiences?
Your first appointment will be for a comprehensive examination including radiographs (x-rays) and other services as time allows. Your student dentist will work with faculty to develop a plan for your treatment and discuss the costs, time required, and your next appointment with you. We ask you to bring a current list of any medications you are taking and the name and address of your physician. Children may enter the treatment area only for their own dental appointments.

Please Note:
Not all patient needs fit the educational needs of our students. If you cannot be placed with a student you will be informed of other options for care. After your initial admissions evaluation, you may return for several appointments, depending on your treatment needs.

Where can I find trustworthy health information on the Web?
The National Library of Medicine contains a variety of useful information.