UDA Doctors

University Dental Associates Doctors

The team of UDA dental experts provides the dental treatment you need. Whether you seek a brighter smile, enhanced chewing, pain relief, or simply maintaining your oral health, the UDA dentists provide you with the very best treatment.

University Dental Associates

David G. Berkheim, D.D.S.
Executive Director
General Dentistry
(overall dental health)
David G. Berkheim
James F. Jenkins

Myhanh T. Phan-Rinne
John W. Reinhardt
Henry A. St. Germain
Sundaralingam Premaraj
Thyagaseely Premaraj
(root canals)
Pediatric Dentistry
(children's dentistry)
Hany M. Makkawy Jillian Wallen (Lincoln and Omaha)
Oral Pathology
(diseases of the mouth)
(diseases of the gums; implant placement);
Peter J. Giannini
Nagamani Narayana
John Casey
Matthew R. Byarlay
Jeffrey B. Payne
Oral Surgery
(extractions; implant placement)
(crowns, bridges, dentures, implants)
J. Bruce Bavitz
Darrell J. Ebke
Gerard Byrne
Joan E. Sivers
Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology
(advanced imaging of the head and neck)
Sung K. Kim