Tobacco Cessation Clinic


Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things a person can do. But help can be found at the UNMC College of Dentistry tobacco cessation clinic. The clinic is designed to help patients break the habit through individual counseling, drug therapy, and caring professionals.

Individuals may refer themselves to the clinic or be referred by their dentist, dental hygienist, physician, nurse, or other health care professional. Questionnaires regarding tobacco use, nicotine dependence, motivation, and a self-assessment are sent to a client before their first appointment.


Each patient works with a counselor who helps design a customized treatment plan and discuss ways to change behaviors to break old habits. At the clinic patients are treated using a combination of drug therapy and one-on-one counseling. Each session lasts approximately 30 minutes. Those individuals who do not achieve success within the seven-week course of drug therapy are provided a prescription for an additional five weeks of treatment.

Drug therapy options include the use of nicotine gum, patches, nasal spray, inhaler, Zyban or various combinations prescribed under the supervision of a doctor.



The tobacco cessation clinic provides personal long-term follow-up. This may include phone calls and additional counseling sessions if needed.


Cost of the treatment is $66 payable at the first visit for patients who are seen in the pre-doctoral clinics. For patients who prefer to be seen in the University Dental Associates faculty practice clinic the fee is $150. We accept payment by cash, check, or credit card. The fee does not include the cost of the medication.

Clinic Faculty, Information & Appointment Scheduling

  • Peter J. Giannini, DDS, MS - 402-472-4160
  • Predoctoral (Student) Clinic Appointments - 402-472-1333
  • University Dental Associates (Faculty Practice) Clinic Appointments - 402-472-8900

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