Extramural Rotations

Preceptors 2012-2013 mapFor over thirty years, the College of Dentistry has been sending fourth-year dental students into established dental practices with a preceptor (a professional dentist who acts as a mentor and directs students in their practice) for firsthand experience in running a private practice. These students complete two, three-week rotations: one, three-week rotation in a rural private practice and one, three-week rotation in a public health clinic.

The UNMC College of Dentistry is a state-supported school with it’s first priority being to provide dentists for the state of Nebraska. As a regional dental school, we also accept students and preceptors from Wyoming, South Dakota and Kansas for student rotations.

2012-2013 Preceptors: Nebraska | South Dakota | Wyoming | Kansas

Extramural rotations are part of the Service Learning policy in the College and an educational requirement for all students. Four Oral Biology faculty serve as the directors for the following 8 courses that contribute to the Service Learning curriculum.

OB 581 Human Behavior Analysis
OB 601 Problems in Patient Management
OB 610 Practice Management
OB 620 Student Scientific Program
OB 684 Extramural Programs
OB 687 Seminar in Practice Management
DENT 612 Dental Public Health
DENT 623 Professional Responsibility and Ethical Dimension

When students are placed with a preceptor, they are also supervised by a licensed dentist (full-, part-time, or volunteer faculty member). Students fill out treatment logs and answer questions on their remote site clinical experience.

See student bulletin for course descriptions.

Contact Dr. Brian Lange for more information on rotations.