Research Seminar Series

James K. Wahl, III, PhD
"Understanding mechanisms controlling cell to cell adhesion"

Mark W. Beatty, DDS, MSE, MSD, MS
"Repairing the disfigured face: Engineering life-life, durable and colorfast facial prosthetic materials"

Gregory Bennett, DMD
"Additive manufacturing in dentistry"

Shayla D. Yoachim, PhD
"From ERa signaling to educational technology: Learning how to shift research focus"

Richard A. Reinhardt, DDS, PhD
"Local simvastatin and inflammation during periodontal mini-flap wound healing"

Thomas M. Petro, PhD
"IRF3 in (oral) health and disease"

Nagamani Narayana, DMD, MS
"Ask me about my research"

Renato Roperto, DDS, MSc, PhD
"Research presentation"