Research Seminar Series

Fall 2021 Research Seminar Series

James K. Wahl, III, PhD
"Understanding mechanisms controlling cell to cell adhesion"

Mark W. Beatty, DDS, MSE, MSD, MS
"Repairing the disfigured face: Engineering life-life, durable and colorfast facial prosthetic materials"

Gregory Bennett, DMD
"Additive manufacturing in dentistry"

Shayla D. Yoachim, PhD
"From ERa signaling to educational technology: Learning how to shift research focus"

Richard A. Reinhardt, DDS, PhD
"Local simvastatin and inflammation during periodontal mini-flap wound healing"

Thomas M. Petro, PhD
"IRF3 in (oral) health and disease"

Nagamani Narayana, DMD, MS
"Ask me about my research"

Renato Roperto, DDS, MSc, PhD
"Research presentation"