At Nebraska Medicine and UNMC, our mission is to lead the world in transforming lives to create a healthy future for all individuals and communities through premier educational programs, innovative research and extraordinary patient care.

At UNMC Dermatology our vision is to fearlessly innovate and provide meaningful dermatologic care.

We value:

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The mission of the UNMC Dermatology Residency Program is to provide a comprehensive educational experience and foundation in dermatology.  Our core focus is the development of future leaders in dermatology and in their chosen medical communities. UNMC Dermatology is firmly committed to a focus on education and mentorship.  We are guided by compassionate and leading-edge patient care with a team-based approach. We strive to serve our urban and surrounding rural communities as well as other underserved populations both locally and abroad. We aim to instill curiosity and a sense of innovation in research, quality improvement, and forward thinking solutions for the healthcare delivery of tomorrow.

Dermatology Resident Education Leadership Team

Residency Program Director (PD): Jennifer (Abrahams) Adams, MD

Associate Residency Program Director (APD): Megan Arthur, MD

Associate Residency Program Director (APD)/Immediate Past-PD/Advisor: Ashley Wysong, MD, MS


2021-22 Program Evaluation Committee (CCC)

Chair: Arthur 

Core Faculty: Sutton, Wysong, Georgesen, Adams, Harter 

Members: Hayes, Whitley, Stephany + Senior Resident Representative (Swali 2021-22) 


2021-22 Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) 

Chair: Adams 

Members: Arthur, Wysong, Sutton, Georgesen, Harter, Sulewski 






Resident Written Code of Conduct