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 Dr. Wysong's News Channel Nebraska interview on March 18, 2019


UNMC Celebrates Women & Girls in Science - Panel Discussion

From left, Amber Donnelly, PhD, Jasmine Riviere Marcelin, MD, and Ashley Wysong, MD
Amber Donnelly, PhD, Jasmine Riviere Marcelin, MD, and Ashley Wysong, MD


Dr. Shauna Higgins won UNMC GME Research Oral Presentation Award


Dr. Wysong honored with Endowed Chair at the UNMC Circle of Distinction Event.


KIOS 91.5 FM Interview -- Dr. Wysong talks about increases in melanoma skin cancers in Nebraska and what to look for, risk factors and prevention.

Omaha World Herald -- California skin cancer surgeon named chair of UNMC's new dermatology department

UNMC Today -- Dr. Wysong named chair of UNMC's new department of dermatology -- The truth about gel manicures -- and 5 ways to make them a little bit safer.



May 13, 2019 - Dr. Wysong joined Chancellor Gold on the RFD TV Show Rural Live


How do I know if my varicose veins are a problem?  

It's only spring....Why should I wear sunscreen?


I have noticed my face feels dry as I have gotten older.  Could it be something other than dry skin?

Is there a genetic component that could put me at risk for skin cancer? 


What is Mohs Surgery?


Where can melanoma appear?


How do I prevent my skin from wrinkling?

 What are varicose veins?

How Do I properly Apply Sunscreen? 

 I work outside year round, what should I know about protecting myself from skin cancer?