Subspecialty & MDC Clinics

In addition to our comprehensive programs in Mohs & dermatologic surgery, dermatopathology, laser & aesthetic dermatology clinic, and pediatric dermatology, our UNMC dermatology team has a built several dedicated subspecialty and multidisciplinary clinics (MDC) in dermatology.  

Our Dermatology Subspecialty / MDC Clinics

Rheum-Derm.jpgMultidisciplinary Derm-Rheum Clinic (MDC) -- held twice per month, this multidisciplinary clinic boasts expertise in both dermatology and rheumatology with co-directors Dr. Megan Arthur and Dr. Jennifer Medlin.  Patients with lupus, dermatomyositis, scleroderma, morphea, mixed connective tissue disease, and more are seen and enrolled in clinical trials, a prospective clinical derm-rheum database/tissue biobank.
Autoimmune Bullous/Blistering Disease Clinic (MDC) -- held monthly and led by Dr. Corey Georgesen a board-certified dermatologist and dermatopathologist in conjunction with oromaxillofacial surgery (OMFS), we hold a dedicated clinic for the diagnosis and management of patients with inherited or acquired blistering diseases such as bullous pemphigoid, epidermolysis bullosa, pemphigus, cicatricial pemphigoid, Hailey-Hailey disease, porphyria cutanea tarda, linear IgA disease, dermatitis herpetiformis, and others. In addition to working with OMFS faculty, this clinic will partner with experts across UNMC including ophthalmology, gastroenterology, endocrinology, otolaryngology, or hematology as appropriate in order to provide comprehensive care for these complex patients.  With Dr. Georgesen's expertise in dermatopathology, advanced diagnostic techniques are available such as direct immunofluorescence (DIF), indirect immunofluorescence (IIF), salt split skin evaluation, ELISA, immuneblotting, FISH, and electron microscopy as necessary.  Dr. Georgesen is highly experienced in utilizing immune modulating medications and IV infusions for these patients.
Multidisciplinary Cutaneous Lymphoma Clinic (MDC) -- Dr. Ashley Wysong and Dr. Matthew Stephany work side by side with Dr. Matthew Lunning, Dr. Avy Kallam, and Dr. Julie Vose in medical oncology as well as closely with Dr. Chuck Enke in radiation oncology and faculty in dermatopathology and heme pathology to care for patients with cutaneous lymphomas -- t-cell lymphoma (mycosis fungoides, Sezary syndrome, CD30+ lymphoproliferative disorders), gamma-delta T-cell lymphoma, subcutaneous panniculitis-like T-cell lymphoma (SPTCL), NK-T-cell lymphoma, b-cell lymphoma, pseudolymphoma, and other primary cutaneous lymphomas.  UNMC is renowned for the diagnosis, therapy, and research of lymphoma and has treated patients from all over the world. Our patients come for a consultation, initial diagnosis, second opinions, standard chemotherapy, participation in clinical research trials, and bone marrow/stem cell transplants.  
HIV / Infectious Disease Dermatology Clinic (MDC) -- held monthly at the Specialty Care Center, Dr. Jennifer Adams sees patients side-by-side with infectious disease experts from UNMC to diagnose and treat cutaneous manifestations of HIV and other cutaneous infectious diseases.
Hansen's Disease National Site -- Dr. Jennifer Adams is an expert in infectious disease and tropical medicine dermatology and sees patients on a regular and referral basis for cutaneous leprosy.  She works closely with the National Hansen's Disease Program, and UNMC Dermatology is a referral center in the Midwest for this disease.
Skin of Color / Ethnic Skin Dermatology Clinic -- led by Dr. Kristie Hayes, this clinic offers specialized services for patients of color (defined as skin types IV-VI in the Fitzpatrick Skin Type Classification) or ethnic skin. The clinic can address dermatologic concerns unique to these patients, including acne, eczema, hair loss/breakage/thinning, keloids, pigmentary disorders (vitiligo, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation), ingrown hairs/razor bumps (aka pseudofolliculitis barbae), and more!  Dr. Hayes works closely with our resident physicians and with Dr. Ron Sulewski, Director of Laser & Aesthetic Dermatology for UNMC/Nebraska Medicine Dermatology to offer specialized chemical peels, laser treatments, and other minimally invasive techniques for patients.
Transplant Dermatology Clinics (pre-transplant evaluation & post-transplant) -- Dr. Matthew Stephany partners with our heart, lung, kidney, pancreas/small bowel, and stem cell transplant teams to develop specialized, multidisciplinary clinics for our Nebraska Medicine transplant patients.
Erythropoeitic Protoporphyria (EPP) National Center -- Dr. Megan Arthur and Dr. Jennifer Adams see patients with all types of porphyria and are trained in the placement of Scenesse, an implanted device that delivers famelanotide to increase tolerance to the sun and light in adults with a confirmed diagnosis of EPP.  EPP is a condition in which patients have an increased sensitivity to sunlight and artificial light sources.