University of Nebraska Medical Center


Dermatology Tissue and Blood Bank

For our biobank, we will collect excess tissue, extra blood and saliva, and cheek swabs from patients with dermatologic diseases for the purpose of future genetic, cellular, molecular and clinical database studies.

The goal of this project is to develop a cohort of samples that is representative of all dermatology patients. The patients will be recruited from outpatient dermatology clinics and inpatient hospitalized dermatology patients. Excess tissue from skin biopsies, extra blood from blood draws, buccal swabs, and saliva will be collected from patients with certain dermatologic diseases. These samples will be archived in an identified fashion, followed prospectively, and utilized for hypothesis-driven studies of dermatologic disease with IRB approval. 

Rationale for a Biobank

A number of diseases within dermatology are relatively rare or have relatively large gaps in current knowledge. In regard to skin cancer, for example, there are a number of rare neoplasms, about which little is known. Even more common neoplasms such as squamous cell carcinoma are characterized by large knowledge gaps. Squamous cell carcinoma is generally highly curable, although there is a high-risk subset that may metastasize and is therefore characterized by elevated morbidity and mortality. It remains very challenging, however, to predict which of these tumors will demonstrate aggressive behavior and manifest in poor patient outcomes.

Several of the study faculty have had experience with the creation of large data registries, in which information regarding demographics, presentation, management, and outcomes has been collected for thousands of patients. This has resulted in numerous publications and grants answering difficult questions. Expansion of this work to include tissue and blood on which we may conduct future genetic, cellular, molecular, and clinical database studies will be imperative in continuing to fill in the knowledge gaps within the field of dermatology and to continue to move the field forward. 

Types of samples

Blood, tissue, cheek swabs and saliva can be obtained from patients.

Patients will be recruited or included if they are: 

  1. Being seen for a dermatologic condition at the approved study sites and are having tissue removed via skin biopsy, excision of skin lesion, or removal of skin tumor/cancer and/or a blood draw.
  2. Willing to participate
  3. English speaking
  4. 19 or older

The samples will be deidentified and released in a coded manner to that removes Protected Health Information.