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We've Moved

Due to the McGoogan Library renovation, the E-Learning Lab has moved. Stop by our temporary location in the Mauer Center for Public Health.

Contact us however is easiest for you:





986710 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-6710

Visit the Lab

Mauer Center for Public Health
Room 2009
(see below for more details)

Answers to Your Questions About Our Move

Where did you move?

The E-Learning Lab temporarily moved to the Mauer Center for Public Health, Room 2009. Our staff is located in the following offices:

What are your hours?

The E-Learning Lab is available on demand to accommodate varying schedules and classes held in room 2009. To access the lab, you will need to use your UNMC badge. (Note: Please email us to request badge access. )

Can I still check out equipment?

To reserve equipment, please email us. To pick up equipment, visit COPH Room 1049 (if you are in the uBEATS program, go to COPH Room 1016).

Is an audio booth still available?

The E-Learning Whisper Room will not be available during our relocation. The College of Public Health does have a recording room. Email us for more details about your recording options.