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Innovators in Education Showcase

Innovators in Education 2022

The 2022 E-Learning Showcase "Innovators in Education" was held digitally via Canvas due to COVID-19 concerns. The Canvas course allowed participants to view the new modules at the time that best fit their schedule, as well as leave messages for the project developers. It spotlighted faculty and student collaborators transforming curricula for the next generation of learners. 

Participation at this year’s showcase increased 24% over last year and drew attendees from around the U.S., Canada and Australia.

Additional Information

Top Module Award Winners

During the first week of the showcase, more than 350 people voted on the top modules.

Three teams took home awards in the Innovators in Education 2022 Showcase

“ The digital showcase was a great adaption during COVID and let our work reach a larger audience, which I greatly enjoy. The online voting and the awards increased traffic to our modules as well! As always, I enjoyed working with E-Learning and benefiting education here at UNMC. ”

Libby Moberg

Libby Moberg

Student Participant in Cohort 10, College of Medicine