Create videos with the ease of just one button

The EZStudio is a simplified video recording setup that allows users to create polished videos with a click of a button. You don’t need to have any previous recording experience. The camera, microphone, and lights are already set up and configured ... all you need to do is record!

The EZStudio includes ceiling-mounted lights, a video camera, microphone, presentation monitor, green screen, and a light board. Using the equipment and recording your video is easy — so you can focus on creating your content.

The EZStudio is located in the McGoogan Health Sciences Library and administered by Interactive E-Learning. It is available for use by all UNMC faculty, staff, and students. Email Interactive E-Learning for more information.

Customize Your Video with Built-In Accessories


Use the monitor to show your PowerPoint presentation behind you as you record.

Green screen

Use the green screen if you plan on having a virtual background; use your own image or select from a preloaded image.


The lightboard is a clear glass board that uses LED lights and markers to make a face-to-face interactive presentation. It is similar to a classroom whiteboard, but the image is digitally flipped so the writing does not appear reversed.

Gray background

Use the gray background for a polished backdrop or when using the lightboard.

UNMC EZStudio Setup

One Studio, Countless Projects