Recommended E-Learning Vendors

Here are some of the people we recommend you contact if you are going to be creating games or videos, or if you just need technical assistance.

Instructional Technologists, Designers & Programmers  

UNO Resources

The College of Information Science & Technology at UNO has students who provide technical expertise such as designing, programming or animating. Contact Deepak Khazanchi, PhD, for details on the services UNO students can provide.

UNMC Resources

An instructional technologist or instructional designer can provide guidance as you create your module. View the instructional experts on campus.

The UNMC Continuing Nursing Education Office offers multiple services to help faculty succeed in the online learning environment. Skills include: web and mobile development, learning and content management systems, creative and engaging e-learning/webinar services and years of customer experience and service. Contact Dr. Heidi Keeler for more details.


UNMC Resources

The people who work with faculty and staff as standardized patients (so they have experience in health care simulation scenarios) are available if you need actors. Contact the Sorrell Clinical Simulation Lab for more information on standardized patients.

UNO Resources

We've collaborated with the UNO Theater Department to create a directory of talented actors you can use in your e-learning projects. Our contact at UNO is Cindy Melby Phaneuf, PhD. If you decide to work with UNO actors, be sure to review the protocol for hiring actors.

Voice-over Talent  
For voice-over, we recommend contacting Kathy Wolfe, professional voice narrator. Visit her website for more information.

If you need help making videos, we recommend: