Re-Imagining U : Strategic Employee Development

UNMC and UNO Re-Imagining U

Introducing a NEW Training and Development Program

Re-Imagining U was created to give UNMC and UNO employees the opportunity to customize their learning and skill development in a way that is right for them. The path-centered courses will be offered repetitively over two semesters each year. Content is derived from needs indicated for employees and leaders in our current strategic vision and employee engagement surveys. Courses are offered individually and are not part of a long-term commitment program.

In addition to regularly appearing content, Re-Imagining U will also feature one-time speakers and topics – called Electives. The Electives will cover deeper discussions, trending leadership topics, and equity, diversity and inclusion learning.

Depending on the needs of each employee, Re-Imagining U offers both specialty tracks and general learning certificates.

For more information about navigating the Re-Imagining U program please click here

Re-Imagining U Course Catalog  

Re-Imagining U has courses to meet the needs of every employee regardless of where they are in their development journey.   They are offered in different levels to help you easily identify the right courses for you. All UNO employees are welcome to register for the classes offered at UNMC campus and all UNMC employees may register for the classes held on the UNO campus. Travel would need to be accounted for when discussing with your leader the amount of time needed to attend the sessions. 

Courses will be offered repetitively over two semesters each year that run Sept/Oct/Nov/Dec and Feb/Mar/Apr/May. A new course catalog will be published each semester. Registrations may be limited on some courses but the majority of courses will be open enrollment.

Courses in the catalog do not list room locations. This creates flexibility to accommodate various class sizes. Room scheduling notifications will be communicated a few weeks prior to the event via email. Registrations may be limited in some courses, however, the majority of courses will be open enrollment and rooms will be booked based on the number of attendees. Registered participants will receive an email approximately two weeks prior to course date, with the location of the course and any other necessary details. To allow for room scheduling and participant communications, the deadline to register for a class will be one week prior to course date. 

To ensure adequate coverage of business needs, be sure your manager approves your attendance prior to registering.

Our Current Course Catalog features all courses that will be held at UNMC and UNO for Fall 2017. 

Fall 2017 Re-Imagining U Course Catalog 

Certificate Tracks  

Employees engaging in the Re-Imagining U program will have access to a comprehensive selection of development courses. Courses can be taken independently, as desired, or as part of a certificate track.

Specific certificate tracks have been laid out with prescriptive courses that, when combined together, will elevate the learning experience much more intentionally. Initially, certificate tracks will focus on leadership. New tracks will become available in the future. 

If an employee does not wish to follow a formal track, certificates can be earned by completing a certain number of course hours in a year. This will allow employees the flexibility to manage their own development. 

Certificate Track Options 

Who do I contact if I have questions?  

Human Resources                 

Diane Kortus, MSOP, HBDI
Training & Development Specialist
Phone: (402) 559-8955


Human Resources

Laura Wakefield, PHR, SHRM-CP
Manager of Employee Relations, Development, & Recruiting
Phone: (402) 554-4481

How to Register for Classes  

UNMC employees: To register for courses, please log into Employee Services (EServ) with your UNMC NetID and password. Click on Education>My Registrations to search for courses.

UNO employees: To register for courses, please click here

Other Development Links  

The Office of Training and Development uses the UNMC Employee Engagement Survey  to tailor training and development content for these courses. 

To find out more information about the different assessments featured in some of our training courses, please click on the links below: 

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument


Q: Is sign-up required to attend a course?

A. Yes.

Q: Do I have to have approval from my manager to attend courses?

A: Yes. Please ensure that you speak with your manager prior to signing up for a course to ensure office coverage needs are met. 

Q: Is there a cost to attend training?

A: Most training opportunities are free for UNMC and UNO employees. If there is a cost associated to a training course, it will be noted in the course description.  

Q: If I am a UNMC/UNO employee, can I attend a training on the UNO/UNMC campus?

A: Yes. All employees are welcome to attend any of the classes offered at either campus with a few exceptions. If you are interested in a course, please check the "intended for" column in the course catalog. Here is where it will show if a course is targeted towards a specific campus.

Q: How do I make an appointment to set up a 300 level course?

A: Please contact Diane Kortus,

Q: Do I have to follow a certificate track in order to attend courses?

A: No. If an employee does not want to stay on a certain track, they can earn hours toward the Re-Imagining U Certificate at different levels based on the number of hours of training they have completed in the year. 

Q: Do I need to track my own courses/certificate tracks?

A: No. All attendance will be tracked by the Office of Training and Development. 

Q: Do I have to take the Leading Others tracks in order? 

A: No, however, if a course has a 100 and a 200 level, we suggest completing the 100 level course before the 200 level course.