Message from the Chair

Dwight T. Jones, MD

Welcome to the University of Nebraska Department of Otolaryngology’s Website.  Thanks for visiting and hopefully this site will help provide you any information you might have about our department and all that we are about. 

The department was first formed back in the 1960’s to provide otolaryngology (ENT) care to patients at the University of Nebraska Medical School and Center.  Over the years, several changes have taken place.  With the development of otolaryngology subspecialities the department has added several positions and now has 14 subspecialties representing every area of otolaryngology.  These include:   general otolaryngology, head an neck cancer, otology (ear), laryngology (voice), pediatric otolaryngology, sinus and rhinology (nose), facial plastics, and prosthetic reconstruction of facial defects.  This group of physicians provides access to total otolaryngology care to the Omaha and central Nebraska region.  Our goal is not only to provide quality patient care in every area, both general and advanced, from basic primary items such as ear tube placement and children’s care to resection of head and neck cancer and cosmetic procedures such has face lifts and nasal reconstruction, we have it covered. 

One new program that we have worked to develop is the treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea. INSPIRE is new technology that implants an electrical device under the skin that connects to nerves and muscles in the neck that control the tongue.  In the proper patients with sleep apnea, this device will automatically depress the tongue with inspiration to significantly reduce Obstructive Sleep Apnea.  Our team works with pulmonary and primary care physicians throughout the Midwest to screen patients and implant appropriate patients with this device.  It has indeed changed many peoples lives. 

We continue to build a formal research division within our department.  Dr. Kristie Carlson, PhD. Joined our department just over a year ago.  Since that time, we have published over 31 publications in several journals.  Dr. Carlson works with our faculty, residents, and medical students to formulate quality medical research projects. 

COVID – 19 continues to be a problem for our country and hospital.  Many health systems have been over run and some have reached the breaking point.  Though our hospital has been stressed, thanks to a forward-thinking administration, our health system is weathering the storm.  We can only hope that our public will continue to be vaccinated, wear masks and protect themselves in every way until the time COVID comes to an end. 

As 2021 comes to a close we look to a bright future.  With on-going medical advances, we know that COVID – 19 will one day be behind us and our country and world will be back where we once were.

If you need more information on our department, faculty, programs, or resident training, please call or email us at your convenience. 


Dwight T. Jones, MD
The A. J. Yonkers Chairman and Professor of Otolaryngology
The University of Nebraska Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
Chief of Pediatric Otolaryngology
Children’s Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska