Message from the Chair

Dwight T. Jones, MDThe Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Nebraska welcomes you to our recently updated website. Thanks to Ms. Hannah Chubbuck and Mrs. Amy Freking our site has been completely revamped and updated with all of our recent changes and projects.  Many thanks to these ladies for all of their hard work and dedication. 

Our department currently has thirteen full time faculty and five very active volunteer faculty members.  We now have every Otolaryngology subspecialty covered with two physicians.  This has enabled the department to provide comprehensive care like our region has never seen before.  We continue to expand and grow and are advancing care in neuro otology, head and neck oncology, and general otolaryngology.  Thanks to our rural rotation in Kearney Nebraska, our residents get to experience what private practice is truly like as well as spend time in a larger rural community which helps understand how physicians’ function in the rural setting.  Our residency Program Director and Assistant Program Director, Drs. Barnes and Hatch have done an outstanding job further developing our residency program into a top notch learning environment for our trainees.  Our residents receive an outstanding education in all aspects of otolaryngology so that when they leave, they are enabled to practice the full spectrum of our specialty.  Thanks to the hard work of our previous program director, Dr. Pate, we now match three residents a year for a total of 15. 

A well balanced university otolaryngology program should have three main components:  Quality patient care, outstanding resident education and training, and, research opportunities.  Over the past eight years, our patient care and resident education have grown to become the best.  Until recently, research in our department has never been on the forefront.  To that end, we have recently hired a Director of Research.  Dr. Kristy Carlson, PhD joined us in February 2020.  Dr. Carlson comes to us from Internal Medicine where she had experience in writing NIH grants and helping physicians’ structure clinical research projects.  Dr. Carlson is a welcome addition to our department.  She will be working with both residents and faculty to broaden their research horizons.  We have already seen outstanding contributions in many areas since Dr. Carlson’s arrival.  In addition, this is the first year we will offer a yearlong resident research year in our department.  One resident will spend 12 months in a very active research program with Dr. Carlson to better their experience in developing research projects, paper writing, and publishing manuscripts. 

As of this update, Covid-19 continues to wreak havoc in our country and world.  Who would have thought we would have ever seen such chaos as we have seen this year?  We can only hope that science and medicine will work like they always do to conquer this virus.  We have seen great challenges in the past and have overcome obstacles like never before.  Let’s hope this is but a major blip on the radar screen in a year or less, and we will be back to our old “normal,” having learned much from what is and has taken place. 

If you desire more information on our department, faculty, programs, or resident training, please call or email us at your earliest convenience.


Dwight T. Jones, MD
The A. J. Yonkers Chairman and Professor of Otolaryngology
The University of Nebraska Department of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
Chief of Pediatric Otolaryngology
Children’s Hospital, Omaha, Nebraska