Rural Rotation

Rural Rotation in Kearney, Nebraska 

The Kearney rotation is a rural rotation with three busy board-certified Otolaryngologists that offers our residents a unique opportunity to experience practice in a non-academic hospital and the invaluable experience of witnessing how private practices can be successful. These two aspects of the rotation are not provided in other rotations offered. Their experience is limited to the academic model at Nebraska Medicine, and their current understanding of an Otolaryngologic practice is of one that includes representation in all of the sub-specialties in Otolaryngology including Neuro-otology, Laryngology, Facial Plastics, Rhinology, Pediatrics, and Head and Neck Surgery. Over 50% of graduating otolaryngology residents in the U.S. will go into general practice often in a private practice setting; therefore, the opportunity to see how such a practice runs is a crucial part of their training that was missing until this opportunity arose. Rural community Otolaryngologists often have very broad practices and are often asked to tackle problematic patients without the support and resources of a large academic institution; this is the case with the Otolaryngologists in Kearney. We believe the rotation with this group will aid in teaching the residents these important skills.

At the start of this rotation, we expect our residents would increase their KIP numbers in all areas, especially endocrine, facial trauma, head and neck, and Rhinology by working with these busy private practice individuals, and this has proven to be true and exceeded our expectations. Our residents' experience has been very hands-on in both clinical evaluation, decision-making, and primary surgical skill improvement. We have been able to pursue rural outcomes research as part of this rotation and will continue to do so.

Kearney Nebraska is located in central Nebraska, approximately 181 miles from Omaha. 

Matt Johnson, MD   
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