Michael Brattain, PhD Selected Publications

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Zhou YF, Brattain MG Synergy of epidermal growth factor receptor kinase inhibitor AG1478 and ErbB2 kinase inhibitor AG879 in human colon carcinoma cells is associated with induction of apoptosis. Cancer Res. 65:5848-5856, 2005.

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Zhou Y, Li S, Zborowska E, Hu PY, Wang J, Hauser J, Conway A, Vinci MA, Humphrey L, Willson JKV, Brattain MG. Blockade of EGFR and ErbB2 by a Novel Dual EGFR and ErbB2 TKI GW572016 Sensitizes Human Colon Carcinoma GEO Cells to Apoptosis. Cancer Res. 66:404-411, 2006.

Spengler M and Brattain M. Sumoylation inhibits cleavage of Sp1 N-terminal negative regulatory domain and inhibits Sp1-dependent transcription. J Biol. Chem.281:5567- 5574, 2006.

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Wang J, Kuropatwinski K, Hauser J, Rossi MR, Zhou Y, Conway A, Kan JLC, Gibson NW, Willson JKV, Cowell JK, Brattain MG. Colon carcinoma cells harboring PIK3CA mutations display resistance to growth factor deprivation induced apoptosis. Mol Cancer Ther., 6:1143 1150, 2007.

Guo XL, Rajput A, Rose R, Hauser J, Beko A, Kuropatwinski K, LeVea C, Hoffman R, Brattain MG, Wang J. Mutant PIK3CA bearing cells display increased metastasis in an orthotopic model. Cancer Res. 67: 5851-5858, 2007.