Parviz Pour, MD

Professor Emeritus, Eppley Institute

Fax:  402-559-4651
E-Mail: Parviz Pour

Parviz Pour, MD


MD - University of Hannover, Germany, 1963

Research Interests

Our work concentrates on pancreatic carcinogenesis and the relationship between obesity and pancreatic cancer using an animal model and human pancreatic tissues, as well as cultured pancreatic ductal and islet cells, which we have established for the first time in our laboratories. We are studying tumor histogenesis with an attempt to isolate and enrich the tumor progenitor cells. The ultimate goal of our research group, which is composed of experts from different biomedical disciplines and clinicians, is to identify early tumor markers, early genetic changes during carcinogenesis, etiological factors and therapeutic modalities. Hormonal changes during cancer development and the role of diet, growth factors and genetic makeup in the initiation and promotion of carcinogenesis also are under investigation.

Selected Publications